Over the past few months, many of you have come up to me to ask how I managed to transform my body. The response to that is easy: hard work. Strength training, healthy eating and commitment is all it takes. Sounds easy, right?

It’s a little more complicated than that…

It is not enough to just do some exercise at gym or to cut out bad foods. Ideally, you want to challenge your body and your mind. Every week, you want to be better and stronger than you were the previous week. For this reason, your training program should be progressive and your eating habits should complement that.

Your body will not transformย if you do the same exercises every week orย if you are eating less (or more) food. This program is a progressive training program which means that each week you will get stronger and leaner.

I challenge you not to think of this as a six week program that will have you bikini ready at the end of it but think of it as a jumpstartย for your journey to a healthy, fit lifestyle.

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